Just wanted to have a place where I can put notes on experiences I have at work and personal opinions about technical stuff I read. On the other hand and probably one the most valuable things of this kind of web sites, to get your thoughts about the things I write. To learn from you.

Copy Paste Is For Word is a phrase I said a couple of years ago, in a short course about the Object Oriented Programming Paradigm. I found myself saying that when I saw a student writing duplicated code by using copy and paste’s keyboard short-cuts (ctrl-c/ctrl-v). That was a good and funny moment in the course as everybody understood the point of that message immediately.

So, I thought that I should take that phrase for this web site about Software Construction, Design and related activities.

My name is Enrique Pablo Molinari. I live in Carmen de Patagones, Patagonia Argentina. I really enjoy doing and teaching software development, design and architecture. Right now, I’m teaching Object Oriented Programming II at Universidad Nacional de Río Negro.

I love AC/DC.

You can find my github repositories. And my books: