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React: Thinking in Self Contained Components

This is a post that will get you start with React. It is intended for server-side developers with basic JavaScript or JQuery experience, for Angular developers and for web developers in general without knowledge in React. Basically, that is me,

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Elegant Objects: Book Review

I have been reading these two books about Object Oriented Programming: Elegant Objects (Volume 1) and Elegant Objects (Volume 2), by Yegor Bugayenko. They both are great books. I really recommend you to read them. They are full of advises

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Object Oriented Frameworks: Concepts, White Box and Black Box Examples

When teaching Object Oriented Frameworks (usually in Advanced Object Oriented Programming courses) there is a challenge for students to understand their nature, differences with libraries and the difference between white box frameworks vs black box frameworks. In this post I

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Hibernate/JPA – Transparent Persistence II

I wanted to add another nice example about Transparent Persistence (explained in a previous post), to insist on the beauty of this. This time, adding JPA mappings in the classes that represent the domain model of my application. Additionally, I

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Lambda Expressions in Java, a Concrete Example

Maybe you have read several posts on the web on how Lambda Expressions are used. Most of the ones I have read uses examples for filtering collections with the new Stream API of Java 8. Those examples are good but

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Hibernate/JPA – Inheritance and Polymorphic Asociations

This post is part of a series of post I will be written about Hibernate. In this one, I will be describing how Hibernate and JPA deals with inheritance and polymorphic associations. I’m going to implement a very simple bank

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Hibernate/JPA – Transparent Persistence

This is the first of a series of posts to provide an insight about Object Oriented Persistence, using an Object Relational Mapping tool like Hibernate. We will start with few concepts. Object Relational Mapping JPA (Java Persistence API) is the

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Eclipse and PHP

After installing LAMP, lets configure Eclipse for PHP development. 1. Install Eclipse Download Eclipse latest version, from here. You just need the Eclipse Standard version (if you only want to develop PHP Web Applications). At the time of writing this

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LAMP stack in Ubuntu – Install & Configuration

This is the first post of two where you will end up configuring a PHP development environment in Ubuntu and using Eclipse. This first post is for installing and configuring Apache, MySQL and PHP in Ubuntu. From a fresh installation

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Use Inheritance Properly

How many times did you ask yourself, in order to avoid duplicated code, if you should use inheritance or composition? Did you ask yourself about the differences between subtype and subclass? Do you always follows the Liskov Substitution Principle? This

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