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Understanding React

I have just released my book Understanding React – The Simplest Practical Guide to Start Coding in React. Every successful framework or library provides something unique which gives developers a new tool for writing better software. In the case of

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React: Thinking in Self Contained Components

This is a post that will get you start with React. It is intended for server-side developers with basic JavaScript or JQuery experience, for Angular developers and for web developers in general without knowledge in React. Basically, that is me,

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Object Oriented Frameworks: Concepts, White Box and Black Box Examples

When teaching Object Oriented Frameworks (usually in Advanced Object Oriented Programming courses) there is a challenge for students to understand their nature, differences with libraries and the difference between white box frameworks vs black box frameworks. In this post I

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I have been playing with AngularJS and my humble opinion is that it is really nice (powerful and easy to learn). As part of my playing, I have been written the UI of my example from my previous post. Lets

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An API for your Web Pages

Unlike to what you might think based on the title, the content of this article is about testing a Web Application. Selenium 2 (a merge between Selenium 1 and WebDriver) has an elegant and intuitive API to play with Web

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